BOEN Update - New requirements when adding staff

From 4 September, the following documents must be uploaded to BOEN at the time a person is appointed as a gaming manager or employee:

  • A signed and dated Form 21 for the person being appointed
  • A colour passport style photograph of the appointed person (i.e. head and shoulders photo)
  • A scanned image of the proof of identity recorded on the Form 21 for the person.  Note: this must be a form of photo ID such as a drivers licence, proof of age card or passport.

Licensees and BOEN Administrators will not be able to add gaming managers or employees to BOEN without these documents recorded at the time of appointment.

In addition, a new feature will be added to BOEN which allows BOEN administrators, gaming managers and employees the ability to update or add a responsible person identification number so that one identification badge may be printed with both endorsements.