Check Inn - Mental Health and Wellbeing in Hospitality Podcasts

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The AHA|SA, with the support of Corporate Partner Employers Mutual Limited, has recently launched six podcasts as part of the first stage of its Mental Health and Wellbeing in Hospitality Program.

The podcasts are designed to help you learn about various wellbeing topics in short, easy to understand episodes, providing hands-on advice you can put into practice straight away. Topics include Resilience, Wellbeing, Managing Stress, Emotional Intelligence, Dealing with Customers and Change.

Organisational psychologist Hayley Lokan has worked closely with hospitality owners and staff to understand the mental health and wellbeing issues they face. She’s a practical person and offers a wealth of useful advice on mental health and wellbeing strategies for hospitality workers and managers. A Help Sheet is provided with each podcast, follow links below


Please click below to listen to the podcasts on your favourite podcast platform, or search for “Check Inn-Mental Health and Wellbeing in Hospitality”:


Responsible Gambling Document

The Responsible Gambling Document (RGD) was rolled out to all gaming venues in 2019, and updated in December 2020 to reflect changes to gaming legislation. To access forms or download an electronic copy of the RGD, please log in here.

For matters pertaining to the Responsible Gambling Document please contact the Gaming Care office on 8100 2499.

Gaming Signage and other Responsible Gambling Resources

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The signage requirements under the Gambling Code of Practice commenced from 1 July 2014.

This signage, including links for files for display on TV and ATM screens, is also available from the Office of Problem Gambling here. Please note orders for hard copies of the signage is made through Winc. Frames for this signage can be ordered from the AHA|SA here and some additional signage is available from the AHA|SA here.

Gambling Helpline business cards and other pamphlets and books can be ordered here.

For further information or assistance with required Gaming signage, please contact your Gaming Care Officer.

Codes of Practice

Clause 17(6) of the Gaming Machines Gambling Code of Practice (Code) requires that a copy of the Code is available within the gaming area.  Failure to provide the current version of the Code to CBS Inspectors on request may result in expiation notice being issued.  The Code may be downloaded here.

If you have any questions regarding the summary please contact your Gaming Care Officer, or our office on 8100 2499.

Self Assessment Compliance Audit Checklist

Consumer and Business Services (CBS) have developed a Gaming Self-Assessment Compliance Audit Checklist to assist licensees in assessing their level of compliance with legislation, regulations, licence conditions and codes of practice for gaming and wagering.

Where the self-assessment checklist makes reference to policies and procedures, venues with Responsible Gambling Agreements in place may refer to their Responsible Gambling Document for compliance with these matters.

The checklist can be downloaded directly from CBS here.

If you have any questions regarding this or other aspects of the codes, please contact either your designated Gaming Care Officer or our office on 8100 2499. 

BOEN forms and information

You can access information on how to add gaming staff and barring records to the Barring Online Employee Notification (BOEN) system through the website here.

You can download the forms required to add venue administrators or gaming staff to BOEN below.

Venue Login

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