Privacy Policy

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At Gaming Care, we respect your privacy and the rights of visitors to decide if, when and how their personal information is used.

Our commitment to privacy is based on:

  • the freedom to visit this website and access information without the need to give us any personal information
  • the choice to give us personal information if - and only if - you wish to access a more tailored online experience
  • a pledge that any information given is kept safely and securely, using the latest technology and to accepted industry standards.

Your use of this website is deemed to be acceptance of these privacy policies. If you disagree with the policies set out above, and in more detail below, you should not use this website.

When your information may be requested

The Gaming Care website is designed to provide visitors with easy online access to information that those who access this site require as well as the services we have to offer. It also provides support for licensees, gaming managers, gaming employees and patrons. Much of the content on this site is given freely, and can be viewed anonymously.

However, where a more personalised experience is required, such as secure areas where licensees, gaming managers and gaming employees can access non-public details (such as the Responsible Gambling Document) - some personal information is required. This is to protect confidential information that we cannot share other than to licensees and gaming staff. It also ensures that those visitors with access to secure areas can be more easily identified, and be provided with a more personalised experience.

Any personal information we collect will never be sold, given or shared with any third party unless you have consented to the information being disclosed. It will only be used to:

  • verify your identity when accessing secure ares of this site
  • allow us to provide tailored services, such as e-newsletters
  • allow us to better understand the needs of those who use our site
  • allow us to offer special information only to those we know have a stated interest in the services and information being offered.

Whilst we are committed to protecting your privacy and the information that you provide to us, information sent through the internet is never 100% secure. Emails and secure areas can be 'hacked' by those with the necessary skills regardless of how secure a site may be. We do however use the latest encryption technology and firewalls are used to protect the information we hold as securely as possible. We will ensure that newer and more secure methods of encryption and protection are used as they become available.

Your access to the information we hold

We will aim to provide every opportunity to update and access the information we hold. Where possible, you are provided with online access to change and update details yourself, however in situations when this is not possible you will be required to contact Gaming Care.

We will never 'knowingly' send you unsolicited emails (commonly referred to as 'SPAM') or any other emails that you have not requested.

When using the secure area you will be provided with the option of agreeing or not agreeing to us sending you email information in the form of e-newsletters or any other reminders or emails that may be automatically generated or sent directly by us. By selecting this option you agree to us sending you emails from time to time for either information or marketing purposes.

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the information we hold about you is secure, accurate and up to date.

Gaming Care cannot take responsibility for the privacy policies, conduct or quality of third party websites linked to or from this site. Where possible, the content and availability of any sites we have linked to have been checked and read. However, you should check the privacy policies of any third party site before disclosing any personal information.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or concerns in relation to your privacy and our conduct online.