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If you know of any person that is affected by gambling, whether they be a patron, third party, staff or family member, remember Gambling Help Services provide free and confidential assistance.

Counsellors assist people to address their gambling, personal, financial, relationship or any other related concerns in a non-judgmental way.

Keep in mind that while working in a gaming room, all reasonable steps must be taken to ensure that patrons who demonstrate difficulties with their gambling have their attention drawn to and name and telephone number of a gambling help service.

Where appropriate, attempts should be made to refer the patron, a third party, staff or family members who seek assistance to a Gambling Help Service.

For the venue to best support this, all staff must be aware of the Gambling Help Service that provides assistance to the venue.  Ensure details of the Gambling Help Service location and key contact who can be asked for by name are recorded on the Gambling Help Service Contact Details Form, in your Responsible Gambling Document.

Give thought that referral to GHS may be part of any conversations around gambling behaviours, not just when discussing barring. If a patron, third party, staff or family member are willing to take your offer to GHS, the Gambling Help Service Consent Form is your best option

Gambling Help Services counsellors may visit your venue from time to time, on their own or with your Gaming Care Officer.  Don’t forget confidently!  unlike Gaming Care, the identity of a patron cannot be discussed with GHS unless permission has been granted. This is a  timely reminder that GHS do not have access to your Documents, the responsibility for recording their visitation on the GHS Contact Form is the venue’s! 


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