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Licensees are reminded that there are very specific rules that apply to all forms of gambling advertising.

This includes advertising on social media, indoor and outdoor signage, websites, television and radio.

The rules that apply to Gaming Machines are contained in the Gaming Machines Gambling Code of Practice and include:

  • how the expressions "win" and "$" may be used in advertisements;
  • black-out periods for advertising on television and radio;
  • prohibitions on including minors or the consumption of alcohol in advertising;
  • prohibitions on advertising which suggests a player's skill can influence the outcome of the game; and
  • prohibitions on gambling advertising that is false, misleading or deceptive.

You are encouraged to review your advertising practices to ensure that gambling advertising is conducted in a responsible manner that takes into account the potential adverse impact it may have on the community, particularly minors, and people experiencing gambling related harm or at risk of developing negative consequences associated with their gambling.

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