New In Venue Signage Approved

in venue message 2

The Office for Problem Gambling (OPG) Official has approved additional images and published new responsible gambling campaign material which may be used as in venue signage for the purposes of clause 45A and 45B of the Gambling Codes of Practice (Codes).

Whilst the new messaging can be used in combination with the existing signage (Gambling Too Much, Stay On Track SA, Eat, Sleep, Bet, Repeat? and Win Win Lose, Repeat?) venues are strongly encouraged to replace some existing messaging with the new “Please don’t be offended if we ask about your gambling. It’s part of our role” posters and update LCD screens with new imagery.

The intention of the new messaging is to let patrons know that venue staff are trained to provide help with problem gambling behaviours, and enhance staff and patron interactions to encourage gambling help service referrals and help seeking.

All of the images/signs which appear in this update can be downloaded from the OPG’s website