Updated Gaming Barring Order Form

Section 15C(6) of the Independent Gambling Authority Act 1995 requires that when a Licensee received a request for a person to be barred, or makes a decision to bar a person whom they believe to be at risk from problem gambling, that a barring order be made in writing in a form determined by the Authority.  The order must be completed whether the Licensee agrees or refuses the request to bar the patron.

Gaming Care have identified that the current 3 Month Gambling Barring Order form has caused confusion in respect to the matter of whether a barring request has been refused.  Licensees or delegates are required to indicate whether they are refusing the barring request, not whether the patron has refused to accept the barring order.

The Independent Gambling Authority has approved an amendment to the 3 Month Gambling Barring Order form to assist Licensees and delegates when completing the form and uploading the form to the Barring Online Employee Notification system (BOEN).  The amendment clarifies that the Licensee must indicate whether they agree or refuse to bar the patron.

You should remove the previous form from your Responsible Gambling Document and from your barring packs and replace it with the attached updated form.

If you have any questions regarding this or other aspects of the codes, please contact either your designated Gaming Care Officer or our office on 8100 2499. 

 No 172 New gaming barring order form.pdf